Lies You Never Told Me

Another quick review for today: Lies You Never Told Me by Jennifer Donaldson!

I wanted to enjoy this one, and at moments I did, but for the vast majority of the book it felt like only a few moments really kept the plot going and the rest was just filler. This book was definitely written with high-schoolers in mind. It follows two stories (their connections you learn much later on) – Elyse and Gabe. The perspectives switch back and forth each chapter as the plot continues forward. We follow them as they move through the day-to-day of high school. Gabe and his girlfriend break up, and we learn a bit about his girlfriends obsessive behaviors as the storyline plays out. For the vast majority of the book, I was confused as to why Elyse’s story was really there (it felt pointless until the end and then I had an ‘ah-ha’ moment). There was a lot of drama throughout the book and had moments that had me reminiscing on”Cruel Intentions” and shows like “The OC” that I remember watching in college. So that all being said, I read through the whole thing and did finish it; it was a fairly quick read. I didn’t feel like my time was wasted in reading it – it was a decent enough story with a small twist towards the end that helps bring the storyline into focus. I’d recommend it most for those who want a teen-version of a thriller, but without all the hard thinking that usually goes into thrillers (trying to figure out the puzzle pieces).


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