About Me

Fancy meeting you here.

I’m a junior high English teacher based in Northwest Arkansas, a grad school student working towards my Master’s in Library and Information Science (hurrah for Library School!), a dog mom to an 8-years-young Golden Retriever named Pemberley (any Pride and Prejudice fans out there?), a book lover, and a coffee fanatic.

I initially wasn’t so sure about starting a blog, but there are a few parts of my life that I wish were a bit more well-documented that I can share with the world all in one space.  And I don’t write near as much as I used to, and as an English teacher, I should probably practice a bit more than I preach.  So here I am, working out a blog that I never had any intentions of creating and figuring it all out on the fly as I go.

In this space, you’ll find the big parts of my life showcased and I think most things will speak for themselves.  Every so often I get a chance to travel, and when those opportunities show up, you best believe I’ll throw those pictures up on the blog while I’m at it!

If there are aspects of my life that you’d love to see more of or have questions about, please let me know!  I love sharing my life with others, especially if it helps people along on their own journey.

See you on the other side of a book, bookworms!



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